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What is the difference between Architect or an Architectural Firm and a design studio like Studio Wolf Designs?

An Architect or an Architectural Firm, can stamp/seal the drawings and other documents for the project – assuming liability for the project. Under the current edition of the National Building Code, Alberta Edition, Section 2.4.2 Professional Involvement, Studio Wolf Designs can complete projects under a certain size and complexity without needing a registered professional (Architect or Engineer) to stamp or seal the drawings.

Will we need any other professionals for the project?

Yes. Any construction project requires the collaboration of various contractors and specialists. This includes but are not limited to surveyors, energy consultants, structural engineers, interior designers, among others. While finding the right people for the job can be daunting, we can help you choose the perfect team.

At what point should I hire a designer?

When you start to seriously consider an upcoming building project, we recommend hiring us. We can help with much more than just design. Studio Wolf Designs can let you know if your project is feasible, help choose the right contractors for the job, collect necessary permits, and so much more.

What will happen during the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, we will get to know each and talk about your project in detail. We will learn where you hope to build, the overall style, the scale of the build, the materials you are interested in using, sustainability practices, budget, timeline, etc. Conducting a consultation is crucial to completing a successful build, and we won’t overlook any details.

What is involved in the design process?

While the process can be broken down into more significant detail, there are essentially four steps involved in architectural design:

1. Site Analysis
2. Schematic Design
3. Design Development
4. Construction Documents

If you have questions about these steps, Studio Wolf Designs invites you to contact us at
(403) 948-9995.

Do you have methods of reducing the environmental impacts of construction?

The impact that your project will have on the natural environment is a consideration made by our design studio from the get-go. We understand that creating a building will change the very nature of the land it sits on, and we’ll take the time to assess the risks and find ways to mitigate negative impacts as much as possible.