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Who We Are

Studio Wolf Designs is a full-service design and drafting studio based in Airdrie. We have completed projects throughout Alberta and into British Columbia. We are a collaborative studio experienced in a range of residential and commercial projects. Studio Wolf was founded by James Simpson in 2008.

What We Do

We build relationships. We build spaces to contain memories. We build experiences for businesses. Whether you’re looking to develop a piece of land, redevelop an inner-city lot, create a space for your new business or refresh/expand an existing one, Studio Wolf can help.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Our studio is wholly devoted to developing modern buildings and inspiring environments. We’re passionate about contributing to the livability and visual appeal of our city. We build with a forward-thinking mindset, carving out interiors and molding exteriors that will yield results today and for countless tomorrows. We believe that every space can tell a story. Every space can elicit a response. Every space can facilitate an experience. We’ve have made it our mission to harness the limitless potential of space and capture our clients’ vision through timeless design.

Why Choose Us?

Our collaborative team is an imaginative bunch, that conceptualize with boldness, daring to execute industry firsts. Forging far-fetched ideas into reality and transform rough sketches into actionable blueprints. Our collaborative team provides all-encompassing assistance from conception through to completion, working alongside and liaising with everyone involved in the project.

About James

James Simpson

Principal | Arch.Tech.

James founded Studio Wolf Designs back in 2008 to help bring new, creative designs to the communities he was exploring. Graduating from SAIT’s Architectural Technology program in 2004, he has 20+ years of experience that spans both commercial and residential developments. He started his career in a structural engineering firm and then moved over to some of Calgary’s best architectural firms. Every opportunity explored has expanded James’ construction knowledge and ability to create quality designs and drawings and find solutions to any problem.

When it comes to residential design, James is big on “form follows function”. If your new home doesn’t function exactly the way you want it, it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Through his process, James challenges client’s perception on the spaces they use, because, for him, a home is more than just the four walls that contain our things, it’s a place that holds the echoes our stories. Stories that James enjoys hearing from his clients.

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